Software View - IT governance services

Information technology allows us to improve the efficiency of many tasks that we carry out. Hence there is value an organization can receive by using the information technology properly. However, the initial investment that needs to be made to use information technology is non-trivial in many cases. So could be the recurrent expenses. Apart from normal expenses, non-trivial expenses incur for tasks like assurance of the security of data and preventing intruder access too.

The scope of IT governance includes making sure that the initial and recurrent expenses are justifiable, proper and without waste, the risks involved are managed well and the expected values are received.

IT governance makes sure that benefits are well received by using the information technology properly.

Software View offers IT governance services to establish the structures, processes and policies within your organization for your organization to reap the expected benefits of information technology and to manage the risks well.

Consultant: Kamal Wickramanayake

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