Software View - Enterprise architecture services

How to establish the best use of information technology within an organization when it embraces information technology to improve its efficiencies and effectiveness or further improve its operations that are already supported by information technology? This involves the analysis of business processes, business entities, data sources, data transformations, data sinks, applications, interconnections between applications and technical solutions. Appropriate business, data, applications and technical solutions are identified and implemented in an orderly manner upon such broad analysis. Practices are also established to respond to the future trends in business or technologies.

The activities mentioned above that are conducted under enterprise architecture are not limited only to information technology but depends on the collective effort of business heads, business unit heads, other subject matter experts and information technology professionals.

Do you want to streamline IT of your organization to meet the needs of the business? Software View offers enterprise architecture development services.

Consultant: Kamal Wickramanayake

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