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Our Pricing

Software Products

Category Description 6 months listing fee
Software Products List a single software product in the product catalog. 3000 LKR

Software Developers

Category Description 6 months listing fee
Individual developers Individual developer 3000 LKR
Small size organizations Employee count:  01-10 15000 LKR
Medium size organizations Employee count: 11-50 30000 LKR
Large size organizations Employee count: above 50 60000 LKR


  1. An organization may choose to list under a category they prefer irrespective of the actual number of employees but based on assumed strength. This is to facilitate smaller organizations who collaborate with others to carry out large software development projects to portrait themselves as business entities having greater strength. In such cases, we will clearly indicate the same to the website visitors so that they will not be mislead.

Other Service Providers

The fee structure applicable to Software Developers as indicated in the above table also applies to organizations and individuals offering other services such as project management, IS auditing, system and network administration, computer repair, etc.