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Asterisk TC - A VOIP PBX system for business or personal use with mobile SIM support, voice mail, SMS gateway and other features

A complete mini VOIP PBX telephony system - Ideal for business or even for home usage.

You can use this device in a number of ways. Below are some suggestions:

  1. Call local phone numbers from foreign countries - the call cost would almost be the cost of local calls within Sri Lanka. You can answer the incoming calls from foreign countries as well - the caller will be making a local call only - so the caller's cost would be cheap. Read below for more details about this mode of operation.
  2. Forward incoming calls to voice mail. Get the recordings sent to your email box as email attachments.
  3. Forward incoming SMS messages to your email box.
  4. Use a web browser from another computer to connect to the web interface of this device to read and send SMS messages. Multiple users with different passwords are supported.
  5. Use a smart phone with an installed VOIP client to make or receive calls. Hardware VOIP phones are also supported. Network should facilitate connectivity between devices.
  6. Connect to other VOIP systems via SIP or IAX protocols.
  7. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is also supported by the software. IVR asks the caller to press numbers and the device to do certain tasks based on them. The number recognition is not as precise as in expensive devices but works fine in general. Contact us for a demo if you are interested in IVR.

Some notes:

  1. The Thin Client PC provided does not use fans as per the design. Hense the operation is noiseless.
  2. Low power consumption: ~14 Watts.
  3. Depending on the mode of operation, you may have to connect this device to a local network (LAN) or the Internet.
  4. A remote management feature that you can enable/disable allows us to remotely configure the system for your specific needs. You need to have the device connected to the Internet for this to work.
  5. The system has limited internal storage, but can easily be extended by adding USB devices - if ever needed.

Make and receive calls from a foreign country:

  1. This mode of operation requires the device be connected to the Internet and kept running in Sri Lanka.
  2. A smart phone with a VOIP client installed can be used to make calls from another country. The phone should have Internet connectivity - either mobile data or WIFI based.
  3. The VOIP client needs to be configured with the IP address of the device running in Sri Lanka - so that the VOIP client can connect to the device. This generally requires what is called a static IP address (as opposed to a dynamic IP address) which should also be public (as opposed to a private IP address). If such an Internet connection is not available for you, the device can be configured to use a publicly accessible VOIP server that will connect the device and the VOIP client. We can help you set up such a system based on Asterisk software running on Linux or we can allow you to use one of our publicly accessible VOIP servers for a monthly fee.
  4. The quality of your Internet connection affects the voice quality.
  5. It is not ideal to assume that the system would continue to work with no interruptions whatsoever once the system is configured and deployed. There could be power disruptions, Internet connectivity issues, a rare need to reinsert the SIM card and so on. So there could be occations that someone should attened to such while you are away.


  1. HP T5540 Thin Client PC (1GHz, 512 MB Flash SSD, 512MB RAM, 6 USB ports with two of them inside a secure compartment).
  2. Power supply unit with square pin plug top.
  3. Already installed OS: Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
  4. Already installed VOIP and SMS gateway software bundle with the web interface.
  5. Unlocked Huawei 3g broadband dongle that has voice support. Typically connected to a USB port within the secure compartment of the Thin Client.
  6. Remote support for configuration changes over the Internet for a period of 3 months for no extra fee.

* Included hardware is not new but used items from the UK. General appearence is good and clean, but there could be minor scratch marks here and there.

Not Included:

  1. A SIM card is not provided. A standard size SIM card is required.
  2. If an ethernet cable is needed, inform us and we will add one free of charge.
  3. The device does not come with WIFI hardware. We can assist you to connect the device to a WIFI network if you want to use your WIFI dongle subject to driver availability.
  4. No hardware phones are provided. You can connect to this device via a smart phone with an installed VOIP client to make or receive calls if the device is connected to a network that the phone can access.

Payment and delivery:

  1. Payment can be made to our Commercial Bank account.
  2. Delivery within the city limits of Colombo, Kandy and Kurunegala is free. If you need the item delivered elsewhere, inform us to check the options.
Asterisk TC is sold by Software View.
Rs. 27500/=
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0719 060606 (Leave your voice mail)
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